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Trust builds attraction on dates or in a relationship. Not knowing any better Society, parents and religion have all shoved the romantic notion of sacrificing everything for a woman to prove to her your love down your throat .This fairy tale story ONLY works in the movies, never in real life.It sends a direct message to the woman that your self esteem isn’t high enough to take care of number one: yourself. The small attraction that was once there is completely gone.At that point you will be better off if she decides to call it quits.People rarely do things for others without attachments.Most of the time they do for others because they want something from them, be it attention, love, friendship or sex.They believe that they are being nice but their niceness comes with a price and almost always has an agenda.

You might think it is romantic or cute to put her needs above your own but it isn’t. When women are put in the number one spot everything goes to absolute hell where cheating, lying, manipulation and NAGGING become the day to day routine.Unfortunately most of your parents relationships aren’t healthy and lack attraction.Mommy orders daddy around while daddy spends his nights fantasying about a life that doesn’t resemble his.He takes off of work to go to the beach with her even though he can’t afford it.Little does he know that this type of behavior is exactly what will drive her away.

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