Problems with dating a widower

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Problems with dating a widower

I don’t remember much about my behavior, except that I was enthralled by her presence. I was captivated by her voice, her smile, her laughter, her love of life.

But you’ve got to believe me; all the other descriptions in the paragraph above were true. That list of ‘gotta-haves’ that my future wife HAD to ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY have? That list was driven by worldly values, not godly values.

Out of respect, you should refer to his wife by her name or the term late spouse when you talk about her.

Her work has appeared in various online publications and marketing materials for nonprofit organizations, covering topics ranging from beauty and fashion to home decor to education and society. I have fallen in love with ‘Louise’, and have proposed to her, the woman of my dreams! I expected that if all went well, I’d probably ask her for a 2nd, and perhaps a 3rd date; but most likely, that would be the extent of our interest. Just like others that I’ve dated, I expected that she’d be cute – and that I’d be respectful; that she’d be interesting – and that I’d be conversational; that she’d exhibit refinement – and that I’d exhibit chivalry. BUT I learned that list of ‘gotta-haves’ of mine was misguided. I had several ‘must-haves’ on that list that ‘Louise’ DOES NOT have.

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And we share several common fundamental passions that have cemented our relationship including a passion for our faith and music. It was to be an innocent date; with innocent conversation.

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