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According to the Urban Institute, which conducts economic and social policy research, Atlanta is the sex-trafficking capital of the United States, with more than 0 million spent in the metro area in 2007 alone.“We have the world’s busiest airport, so travel in and out is very easy for those who want to purchase our children,” notes De Kalb County Assistant District Attorney Dalia Racine.But I didn’t really understand the depth of what he was saying—or what it really meant I would be doing—until he brought in the first guy who bought and violated me.I was only 14 years old.” Shayna, now 18, was trapped in that life for three years, part of the time in metro Atlanta, before she escaped.But interestingly enough, being Black doesn’t make you any more valuable to a pimp. Torrey Kennedy to a seedy motel room where the carpet was dirty, the walls smudged and on the bed lay a Hello Kitty doll. “Social media is the No.1 recruitment tool,” says Racine, sharing that the Internet Crimes Against Children unit is the lead in the county’s sexual exploitation of children cases.“Even within the world of exploitation, you are considered more elevated in the game if you are able to recruit White girls,” explains Racine. An ashtray filled with cigar butts, a condom, a can of Colt 45 and a 0 bill littered the nightstand. Kennedy, an officer in the county’s Internet Crimes Against Children unit, was there trying to convince a young woman sitting on the rumpled bed in handcuffs to enter into a program that could save her life. “All children are vulnerable, not just runaways,” states survivor-turned-advocate Keisha Head, who intimately understands the trafficker’s approach.Head had stopped turning tricks by the time she was 18 but confesses she didn’t totally leave the life.

She also helped develop youth Spark’s prevention curriculum, which dispels the glamorization of sex trafficking.“I feared for my life through all the sexual assaults, gang rapes, beatings and weapons used by the pimp to keep me in line and generate money,” she recounts through an interview facilitated by Lisa Williams, founder of Living Water for Girls, a treatment facility that helps to restore the lives of girls who have been trafficked.Shayna didn’t even know that her pimp had sold her on the Internet, a common practice in the sex-trafficking world.“At some point, you realize that it’s not worth the money because your life is always in danger.” Pipkins was found guilty of child prostitution, racketeering and a host of other charges.He received a 30-year prison term in a landmark 2002 case in Georgia, said to be one of the nation’s first with such severe sentencing of a convicted sex trafficker.

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But Jennifer Swain, youth Spark’s program director, believes that the true criminals responsible for luring these Black girls are usually much closer. “My sole purpose, every day I wake up and put this gun and badge on, is to help young ladies like you.” Looking all of 17 but actually 25, the young woman began to cry, refusing to give her name as the fear of what might come next was all too real for her.

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