Unsuccessful dating

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Unsuccessful dating

I ask them if they would like to meet for coffee for about an hour, just so can meet face to face.

We meet at a coffee shop (usually a Starbucks), grab a coffee or hot chocolate or whatever (I usually try to pay for both of ours) and sit down in corner.

That's when you tell each other if there will be a second date or not...it went well, the other person should indicate whether yea or nay. Ask her questions about herself, her interests, her dreams, her experiences.2.- Limit the time, break the interview before it starts to lag. From what you are saying, you are striking out at this interview.

When the conversation stops for five seconds and doesn't restart that's a bad sign. Even when it's going well, those coffee store chairs are designed to get you moving in about 20-30 minutes. Just review the following: - do you resemble your photograph? - Are you fingernails clean and not gnawed to the quick? (Womem equate mode of dress with personality.)Ketch I can't say I've had success with coffee dates either.

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I've met a few girls from online dating sites during the past couple of years, and I've very rarely been able to make it past the first date.

When I call them back a few days later, though, they almost always seem very busy or something. Or does the problem lie somewhere else (i.e.: my apprearance, bad breath, piece of lettuce stuck between my teeth..lol)As I haven't experienced your date, and don't know what you look like I can't say anything about your looks ect. Big no no, if you want a lasting relationship.......u if you want sex and only sex, go for it you might get acouple people slapping you/getting up and leaving. I find that more exciting first meets tend to land a second date, yet I still do the coffee thing. Big Bear: I did a quick look at your profile and there is nothing there... do you really have much to say as you attempt small talk on these dates???It's only to see if there will be something more or not.It's not a job interview, nor an interrogation, but I feel that in addition to all the communication prior, it's crucial to kinda feel out (I didn't say feel up lol) if there is a potential with the other person. Talk about how you feel about your hobby, her experiences.Imagine what this guy would have spent taking all these ladies to fancy dinners only to find he didnt have a chance to begin with.First date, make it quick and someplace where you can talk.

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I don't think meeting for coffee is such a bad idea.

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