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Updating the ip helper tables

All IP datagrams to the IP address of the host are forwarded to the loopback address.

Network Broadcast The network broadcast entry is a host route (network mask of corresponding to the all-subnets directed broadcast address (all subnets of class B network ID

Routing table entries can be used to store the following types of routes: Routes for network IDs that are not directly attached but are available across other routers.

For remote networks, the Next Hop field is the IP address of a local router in between the forwarding node and the remote network. Host routes allow routing to occur on a per-IP address basis.

Loopback Network The loopback network entry is designed to take any IP address of the form 127.x.y.z and forward it to the special loopback address of

Directly Attached Network The local network entry corresponds to the directly attached network.

For the sending host, an IP routing error is internally indicated to the upper layer protocol such as TCP or UDP.

For a router, an ICMP Destination Unreachable-Host Unreachable message is sent to the source host.

Any destination IP address joined with by a logical AND results in

Packets addressed to the all-subnets directed broadcast are sent from the network adapter corresponding to the node's IP address.

Multicast Address The multicast address, with its class D network mask, is used to route any multicast IP packets from the network adapter corresponding to the node's IP address.

The forwarding IP address is set to destination IP address (1.48) and the interface is the network adapter, which has been assigned the IP address 1.90.

When sending traffic to, the most specific route is the default route (

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